Since its founding, The TBT Group has made significant investments into research and development of proprietary processes and products, many of which have been patented or are trade secrets, positioning the company to meet increasing market demand for piezoelectric materials and parts. Today, TBT supplies customers with a range of materials, elements, and components including piezoelectrics and dielectrics with various configurations and geometries. TBT is the only U.S. manufacturer that produces Navy Type I – VI standard piezoelectric materials utilizing Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT) and lead-free Barium Titanate based materials under the strict standards documented in Military Standard 1376B and promulgated by the Defense Logistics Agency.

Our customers use our products to create many types of sensor, precision actuators, sonar, accelerometers, and ultrasound machines utilized in a variety of industries, including energy, consumer, communications, industrial, security, defense, biomedical, aviation and space, among others. We pride ourselves on our customer relationships and are happy to help incorporate our products into your solutions for competitive advantage.