materials, manufacturing & PRODUCTS

TBT manufactures in a 20,000 sq ft facility in southern New Jersey where the Company batches and formulates its own materials, offering a wide variety of shapes and sizes as well as state-of-the-art machining capabilities.

TBT’s material expertise includes:

• PZT piezoelectric materials (Navy type I, II, III, V, VI)
• Barium Titanate material (Navy type IV)
• Lead-based & lead-free piezoelectric development
• New generation of piezoelectrics with high Curie temperature and high performance for high-temperature actuator applications
• Development of custom dielectrics

Customized material formulations and engineering services for various applications:

• Energy harvesters
• Sensors (Force, Pressure, Vibration, Humidity, Temperature)
• Actuators
• Custom dielectric & piezoelectric formulations
• Lead-free piezoelectrics
• Medical Applications
• Ultrasonic Cleaning
• Ultrasonic Welding
• Accelerometers
• Proximity Sensors
• Level Sensors
• Flow Sensors
• Oil and Gas