energy harvesting

Energy harvesting converts vibration (energy) into power. A signal for sonar is created when power (electricity) is applied to a piezoelectric ceramic piece. The piece vibrates and sends a sound wave through the water or air and that signal bounces off of anything it hits. Piezoelectric materials generate electricity under stress or pressure as a result of their unique atomic level properties, known as the Direct Piezoelectric Effect. TBT’s innovative energy harvesting technology is based on this effect.

TBT’s energy harvesting applications:

• Self-charging portable electronics • Self-powered wireless sensors and monitoring systems • Innovative energy harvesting systems for Smart Street Lamps, residential and commercial buildings, hybrid vehicles, etc.

TBT’s Distinct Advantages:

• TBT can harvest energy from the ambient vibrations surrounding us.
• TBT’s material generates significantly more power than other piezoelectric materials under the same conditions.
• TBT’s material is more robust.
• TBT’s proprietary manufacturing and assembly processes are safe and efficient.
• TBT’s energy harvesting technology lends itself to cost-effective mass production.