From Engineering to Science

In 2007, TBT CEO Dan DeClement, in concert with laboratory personnel from Drexel University, began working on developing energy harvesting materials and biosensors out of proprietarily developed tape-cast piezoelectric ceramics. Subsequently, a group of PhDs from Drexel University and MIT were hired and tasked with researching and developing a range of piezoelectric products, one of which was the supply of piezoelectric actuators. The original idea was to create manufacturing processes that were faster and less polluting than existing technologies.

Those processes were used to create a number of related materials that offer a high degree of customization and still do to this day. For example, today, when a client needs a material that is not standard Navy specification material, TBT is able to quickly meet that specific need. TBT’s manufacturing processes have allowed the Company to be very innovative in creating applications for materials ranging from biosensors to traffic sensors and actuators. The Company manufactures a wide variety of shapes and sizes of standard PZT and Barium titanate ceramics as well as Navy I through Navy VI materials.